FAQ for Mango Study

About Registration

  • hy do we need to register?

    You can use the following functions after registration.
    ※Registration is free.

    ・Post reviews
    ・Add your favorite schools on my list
    ・Manage reviews that you use as reference
    ・Post articles
    ・Ask for quotation and Apply for schools
    ・Get information from Mango Study

    Register here

  • Why do we need to add schools on my list?

    You can access to your favorite schools easily if you add them on my list. You can get information if the school gets a new review.

  • If you like a review, please push ‘like’ button for review

    If you push ‘like’ button for a review, the reviewer will be notified.

  • About News

    We will notify news to you on the top right hand corner of your page on the followings:

    ・When a new review is posted for the school that you added on my list
    ・When others gave you a ‘like’ for your review
    ・When Mango study provides new information for all users

About Reviews

  • How to post reviews

    You can post reviews after registration. Click here to post a review

  • Do you have any guideline for posting reviews

    Yes, we do. As follows.

  • Can I post reviews for multiple schools?

    Yes, you can.

  • How can I delete reviews that I posted before?

    You can ask us to delete them from inquiry.
    Please be reminded that you can not revive the review that we deleted.

  • How do you decide on the order of reviews appeared on the school information or category page?

    We decide the order based on the relevance and popularity of the reviews. Normally the most recent or the most popular reviews will appear first.

  • I could not post my review. Why?

    Please report your version of OS, the situation and error message shown to us. Thank you.

About Registration and withdrawa

  • How to register and login?

    You need a Facebook account or an email address to register for Mango Study.
    ※We will never share your posts on Facebook unless you allow us to.

  • How to withdraw my registration?

    You need to contact us to do so.

About newsletter

  • How to change my registered email address?

    You can change your email address from edit profile page. It is accessible from your profile page.

  • How to stop receiving newsletter?

    You can change the status of newsletter from “edit profile” page.

About school information

  • How do you decide the ranking for school information?

    We prioritize the schools with the most reviews

  • There are some schools that we can not find?

    You need to contact us.
    The school might not have registered with us yet. Please help us to contact the school by adding the school name here.

  • Are there any difference between schools with photos and without photos?

    Generally schools with photos will attract more viewers and students.
    If you are from the school, please click here to find out more about us.

  • What if I found that some information about the school is wrong?

    Please report to us here.

  • Which countries are you providing service for?

    We only provide service for Philippines English education.

About our service

  • Recommended systems (software)?

    We recommend the following systems (software).
    ・Internet Explorer 9 or above
    ・Firefox 10 or above

    Please use the above browsers to access Mango Study.