CPILSCebu Pacific International Language School

  • AreaCebu
  • OwnerKorean
  • CapacityLarge

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CPILS is the pioneering and leading ESL / EFL school in the Philippines and in Asia. We are pleased to let you know that our school welcomes all students who would like to learn and improve their English skills with us. The school has a well -planned curriculum and academic system which ensure quality education for students. Our teaching force is globally competitive as well. Our flagship is the 1: 1 class which is also known as the man to man class where the teacher focuses only on one student and adeptly, caters to his or her language needs. This class is specially designed to guarantee the individual learning of each and every student and to secure the quality of English class that our students get. The rest of the study set-ups are the 1: 2 class (1 teacher with 2 students) 1: 4 class (1 teacher with 4 students), and 1: 8 class (1 English native speaker teacher with 8 students). Special classes are also offered to enhance students' learning We have the 1 : 15 - Listening class for those students who wish to focus on their listening skills We also have preparation classes for TOEIC, IELTS and TESOL, and all other special classes like Movie class, Music class and Speech class amongst others which give students fun and exciting ways to learn the language. Aside from the academics that we offer, students are also indulged in extra-curricular activities such as city tour, island hopping, scuba diving and fun games like soccer and basketball. Our new gym with its top-of -the-line equipment offers various exercise programs like Taebo, Yoga and Dance class, to mention a few, to keep our students healthy and well-shaped while improving their English. Furthermore, Cebu as a Paradise Island in the Philippines gives you a lot of exciting places and things to see like the world class beaches and beach resorts, beautiful landscapes and wonderful natural sceneries. With these things to offer, we hope that your stay in CPILS and in Cebu will be a fruitful and a meaningful experience.CPILS will do its best to give quality service and excellent English education that you deserve. Your sincerity.


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Capacity 180
License TESDA / BI
Owner Korean
Since 2001
Address M. J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Facilities Classrooms/Dormitory, restaurant, gym, study rooms, computer classrooms, movie classrooms, library, meeting rooms, multi-media classrooms, teachers' lounge, billiard room, swimming pool.
Curfew Sunday to Thursday: 11.00pm; Fri, Sat, Public Holidays: 1.00 am.
Environment CPILS is located at the centre of Cebu city, it is very accessible to all stores such as SM/Ayala.

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