• AreaClark
  • OwnerKorean
  • CapacitySmall

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  • Atmosphereserious / 
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  • English only policyStrict
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LOCATED AT THE Heart of Clark Freeport Zone, GS provides superior teaching services for foreign students regardless of level and age. GS is one of the largest English Academy in Clark.


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Name GS
Capacity 530
License TESDA / BI
Owner Korean
Since 2005
Address 5208 Claro M. Recto Ave., 2009 Clark, Pampanga, Philippines
Facilities Classrooms, Dormitory, Wi-Fi, Computer classroom, study rooms, Swimming Pool, golf equipment, Library, badminton court, basketball court, DVD Audio Visual Room
Curfew Mon - Fri: 11pm Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: 1 am
Environment Located inside the Clark Freeport Zone. A bit far from the city centre. Good point is you can really focus in studying without a lot of distractions.

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