e-Roome-Room Language Center

  • AreaBacolod
  • OwnerKorean
  • CapacityLarge

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  • AtmosphereNot serious / 
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  • English only policyNot strict
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Hello! This is E-Room English Language Center in Bacolod, Philippines. E-room was founded in Bacolod City, Philippines since 2005 with its best facilities, clean environment, warm accommodations and best, innovative, efficient and effective teachers to make your dreams on English fulfilled. It was established at improving and powering its students to be more competitive in their acquisition of English knowledge, practical training and global awareness as well. It offers the best quality teachers with various and dynamic educational
background, experiences and expertise in English. Teachers in E-Room are:
-Well educated about English
-Sincere and passionate in teaching English
-Motivate and inspire students speak out
They have to undergo series of written and oral English examinations, interviews, demonstrations where their teaching, speaking and grammar skills are thoroughly examined and evaluated, as well as trained and monitored through various seminars and training programs by the finest academic administration. Hence, they are employed and guaranteed to be the top calibers and most outstanding English teachers.
E-Room offers diverse and modern facilities such as its best accommodation, swimming pools,2 internet phones which are for free and many more. Moreover, it is also possible to learn scuba diving and golf anytime for students. E-Room guarantees you that studying with us will be the best and wisest choice in deciding on where to learn English. All staffs in E-Room
are ready to help you out to make your dreams come true. Please come, learn and enjoy in E-Room.

by e-Room STAFF

School Info for e-Room

Name e-Room
Capacity 120
License TESDA / BI / SSP: AFF-06-022
Owner Korean
Since 2005
Address e-room lc, 1st floor,Luxur place hotel, Magsaysay Ave, Bacolod City, Philippines
Facilities Classrooms, Dormitory, cafeteria, study room, basketball court, swimming pool.
Curfew Sunday - Thursday: 12 am, Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: 2 am
Environment The school is located inside the hotel, opposite to the police station, thus it is a highly secured area. The local shopping malls and restaurants are all a few minutes drive away
Others Students will be placed into 5 different levels: Basic, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advance

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