C21C21 International Language School

  • AreaManila
  • OwnerKorean
  • CapacityMedium

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  • English only policyStrict
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Welcome to C21 Language Tutorial Center on behalf of all the teachers and employees of C21.

“C21”stands for Century21. We, C21 Language Tutorial Center allow you to cultivate your English skills effectively, an essential
condition for the 21st century and we try to provide all the students who are not native speakers of English with outstanding
language services as well as the field for cultural exchange and unity among students from Asia including Japan, Taiwan and
China. We've got everything ready for these services.

I the director of C21, has been a trainee approximately for 1 year here in the Philippines for the same reason as yours. Therefore, I can speak with confidence. I fully understand your difficulty in studying English and the ultimate solution for conquering English.
At the same time, I can help you to jump up to higher stage.

We know why Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese have lots of difficulties in improving their English skills. We know the problems in teaching English; we know the most appropriate program for you to achieve your success in your studies in C21.

Now, you will be a hero of the 21st century in cooperation with C21, having redoubled your courage and effort. Since its establishment in 1999, we have undergone lots of experiences with numerous students. We appreciate them in using this space.
We'll make effort to keep our prestige to be true to the name in Manila, the metropolis of the Philippines.

by C21 STAFF

School Info for C21

Name C21
Capacity 150
License TESDA / BI
Owner Korean
Since 1999
Address 53 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City, Philippines
Facilities Classrooms, Dormitory, Student Lounge, Study Room, Restaurants
Curfew Mon - Fri: 10pm Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: 12.00 am
Environment C21 is located in the Quezon city, the education city of Manila. It is relatively quiet and safe compared to the hustle bustle of the busy city life in Manila. Students can focus solely on studying English.

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