NEONEO International Language School

  • Arealoilo
  • OwnerKorean
  • CapacityLarge

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NEO International Language Center, Inc. is the first language school in Iloilo City which traces its history from June 1994 where it was named PIKO Overseas Education Center.
Located in Iloilo City, the center of education in Southern Philippines, Neo is the only language school duly accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and has been recognized by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation to issue Special Study Permit (SSP) to its foreign students since April 2003.
In pursuance of English excellence, Neo has perfected its craft by offering high quality education through its efficient and well-experienced teachers, systematic and well organized curriculum that meets the global standards of English, advanced facilities and wide-range of language programs.
NEO is the only language school which has its own paper, the NEO Tattler.It has been holding activities to showcase and enhance students’ talents and self-confidence. Aside from offering English excellence, NEO is a melting pot of cultural diversity. Students have more chances to interact with others from different walks of life thereby, creating a warm and friendly environment.
Hence, NEO is the best institution that aims for academic excellence and molding its craft into academically prepared and exemplary individuals.


School Info for NEO

Name NEO
Capacity 110
License TESDA / BI
Owner Korean
Since 1994
Address Chateau Angelique Hotel # 39 Arguelles St., Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines
Facilities Dining Hall, Internet zone, Conference Room, Listening Room, Library, Gym, Group class room, 1:1 Room, Amenities area
Curfew Mon - Fri: 10pm; Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: 12 am
Environment NEO is located at a quiet place of Iloilo city. It's far from shopping malls and other distractions. Good for students who want to concentrate on studying.

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