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  • AreaCebu
  • OwnerKorean
  • CapacityVery large

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  • Atmosphereserious / 
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  • English only policyStrict
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Welcome to SMEAG Philippines Training Center.

English has quickly taken its position as a mandatory requirement to advance in this fast growing era of globalization.

A considerable number of students start their studies with a firm determination and aim to improve their English language skills. However, in reality it is not easy to reach such goal. The more you treat English as a subject to study and a hurdle that you must overcome, the further you drift away from your ambitions.

In order to receive the utmost achievement, you need to incorporate the use of English into your daily lifestyle. You must make it a habit to live and breathe English to obtain maximum results. Learning English is never a simple path, but with a systematic educational program specialized to conform to your appropriate level, the dream can become a reality.

SMEAG Philippines Training Center has a structured dormitory so students can ultimately focus in their studies during their stay. With the certification from the British Council as an authorized IELTS exam center, as an ETS certified TOEIC center with an outstanding education system, and several partnerships with universities, all these make SMEAG unique and dynamic.

Through our professional and compelling educational curriculum and accredited testing and certification programs, we, at SMEAG, will strive to help you improve your English language skills so you can leap forward as a global talent.

With our multi- globally authenticated testing and teaching programs, we work hard to provide you with the best English education ever available.

Thank You.


School Info for SME

Name SME
Capacity 850
License TESDA / BI
Owner Korean
Since 2006
Address Minoza st., Brgy, Tigbao, Talamban, Cebu City, Philippines
Facilities Classroom (1: 1 / groups), restaurants, shops selling library (study hall), cinema room, hall, lounge, computer room, swimming pool, track, basketball courts, volleyball courts, pool table, school wireless Internet
Curfew SPARTA Campus - Not allowed to go out during weekdays. Weekend: 12am.
Other campuses: Sunday to Thursday: 11.00pm; Fri, Sat, Public Holidays: 1.00 am.
Environment SME is located in Cebu city, but slightly off the city centre which provides students with a quiet and intensive environment to focus solely on improving their English.

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